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Matchtenis – 05/12/2023

Mía Jiménez won her first title in the green ball category

Match Tennis – 25/04/2023

Mia Jimenez, la nueva promesa del tenis.
Cocktail, Perú.

Cocktail, Perú – 13/02/2023

Mia Jiménez appears at the top of the ranking in the red ball category in Colombia

Match Tennis – 24/05/2022

Mia Jiménez and another record that speaks of her potential at just 7 years old

Match Tennis – 21/09/2022

Mia Jiménez, champion of the orange ball category of the German Drugstore Cup

Match Tennis – 19/06/2022

Mía Jiménez faces an unprecedented challenge for her nascent career at the Tenis & Valores Festival

Match Tennis – 09/12/2022


Colombia's number one Bola Roja sends greetings to María Sharapova on her birthday

Match Tennis – 19/04/2022

Bogota girl is the new promise of tennis in Colombia

HSB Noticias – 23/11/2022

The Colombian girl who excites for her talent in tennis

Extra – 23/11/2022


Mía Jiménez is a finalist in the International Children's Tennis Festival at Club Farallones de Cali

Match Tennis – 29/07/2022